​​​​​​​​​Cellar cooling maintenance scheme tenancy​​​​

Having a fully functioning and serviceable cellar cooling system is often taken for granted but in the case of a pub or is absolutely essential to the smooth running of the business, especially in the warmer summer months.  ​

​Under the terms of your tenancy agreement you are responsible for the repair and upkeep of the cellar cooling system to your pub. To assist you with meeting this obligation Ei Publican Partnerships has developed its own Cellar Cooling Maintenance Scheme. This document outlines the key provisions of the scheme from which you will benefit.

Joining the scheme

As an Ei Publican Partnerships tenant you will automatically become subscribed to the scheme and will enjoy its benefits from the outset of taking out your tenancy agreement.​

Key benefits

  • Twice yearly planned preventative maintenance service visits to the cellar cooling system.
  • Reactive callouts to cellar cooling breakdowns, including all parts and labour for qualifying repairs (for exclusions please see  below).
  • Coverage to more than one system, if present.
  • Automatic compliance with FGas regulations.
  • Work undertaken by established service providers who hold a van stock of parts for the most commonly occurring faults.

NB. The responsibility to replace cellar cooling systems when life time expired or beyond economical repair is retained by ei publican partnerships and therefore falls outside the scope of this scheme.

Targeted service levels

  • Attendance to breakdowns – within 6 hours if the call is placed before 2.00pm or before midday the following day if the call is placed after 2.00pm.
  • Timescale to effect a straightforward repair – within 3 working days of initial attendance, although in most cases the aim is to effect a repair at the time of the initial attendance.

Limitation of liability

  • The scheme is entered into on a reasonable endeavors basis. Cellar cooling systems are complex and fault finding  can sometimes be difficult impacting on timescales to effect repairs and undertake replacements.
  • The scheme does not include any provision for making compensation payments due to loss of trade or stock as a result of equipment failure or failure to meet targeted service levels.
  • Publicans are reminded to maintain up to date business interruption insurance.

Cost of the scheme

  • The annual subscription charge is £331 + vat payable in 12 monthly installments by direct debit
  • Subscription charges will be reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to change.
  • Recharge of non-qualifying repairs and betterment, if encountered.

Leaving the scheme

  • For tenancy agreements you are required to subscribe to the scheme for the duration of your Agreement.