Supporting your new pub business​​ 

If you have chosen to run a predominantly food-led pub we have lots of help and support to help you choose the right pub and to guide you as you build a commercially successful pub business. 

Finding the right pub business​ 
Running your own pub business and supporting your local community is really more of a way of life than a 'job'. It's also a great way to 'be your own boss' and successful business leader. We have prepared an invaluable step by step guide to finding and running your own pub business. Read more​​ 

To help our publicans maximise the business benefits from their pub we have developed a segmentation model designed specifically to unlock the potential of every one of our pubs by putting each pub at the heart of the community they serve, providing the right retail offer and driving up retail standards. 

With a greater understanding of business type, customer occasions and a number of other attributes we can identify the current and future best fit for all our pubs. This model will support our publicans in the delivery of optimum sales and profit and outstanding customer satisfaction. 

Once you have found the ideal pub business with us we will be able to share our segmentation model and retail offer suggestions with you, if you wish.

Customers and occasions 
Customers' expectations, needs and behaviours will vary depending on the occasion they are on when visiting the pub. The same customer will have different expectations of their visit depending on several factors including:​ 
  • Time of visit 
  • Who they are with 
  • Social context 
  • Food and drink requirements 
  • Size of group 
  • Budget 
  • Special occasion or everyday visit 
  • Length of visit and travel considerations 

Customers' eating requirements will also depend on many varied factors. Some will be looking for a casual dining experience with friends and family while others will be looking for a premium or gastro dining experience. Our segmentation model will provide help and advice to meet the requirements of your chosen customer group.​
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