​​​HeadStart Tenancy Agreement

  • The agreement is for 40 weeks and is contracted out of the Landlord & Tenant Act
  • There is a rolling three months’ notice provision for the Tenant and a three month notice provision for the Landlord after the first three months
  • A full wet and machine tie
  • A £5,000 fixed cash deposit
  • Weekly payment terms
  • Rental of the fixture and fittings only
  • Repair responsibility – maintenance and decorating only
  • Mandatory property support packages – Safety management scheme, cellar cooling and heating & boiler maintenance scheme
  • You will be required to use a qualified accountant for accounting and stocktaking services and operate an open book policy

HeadStart Tenancy Agreement​PDF
​HeadStart Tenancy Agreement - Sample Agreement​PDF
A Guide to our Agreements​PDF
Gaming Consent Letter​​​​PDF