​​​Community Hero 2015 national runner-up

Ian & Barry Blackmore, The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury

​​Congratulations to Ian & Barry Blackmore from the Jolly Sailor, Canterbury who have won the national runner-up award at the Enterprise Community Heroes Awards 2015. 

They explain in their own words how they have worked with their team and the local community to win this prestigious award.

"We’re home to 16 sports clubs, a mixture of local teams and University -  giving them support and guidance with my 20 years experience of running sports clubs. These clubs also include some regional powerhouses such as the National 2 Canterbury Rugby Club men’s and ladies and The East Kent Mavericks, a top UK American Football Team. We’re also home to a dozen arts groups -  dancers/comedians/artists/singers -  all take advantage of our community room to practice and to perform. We act as host for several community groups including the local life drawing group, the local area association and the local LGBT group.​

This year we’ve hosted over 20 charity or fundraising events which raised over £50,000 for good causes. These have included charity sports matches/karaoke/quizzes/carols/race nights and a memorial walk up Snowdon. Two years ago I took over running the Canterbury Fringe Festival and have helped increase the number of events in it from 6 up to 25 last yearIt has really helped the area to become associated with the Arts and has led to the King’s Mile to be officially listed as Canterbury’s Creative Quarter. We are one of the founders of the City Sound Inner City Music Festival. This was the third year and the festival has gone from strength to strength, being nominated as the Fly Music Magazine festival of the year and seeing over 5000 people hit the weekend. We were again voted best venue and added an additional inside stage to showcase our brilliant local talent.

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