​​​​The Office

Brighton, East Sussex​​

The Office has established itself as the premium pub for gin lovers on the south coast thanks to its ever-evolving spirits list and the passion of its staff.

Part of Pleisure's stable of spirit-specialist pubs in Brighton, the Office has built a customer base of gin enthusiasts while not neglecting passing trade in this busy part of central Brighton.

Manager Sarah Hale took the reins six months ago after previously being deputy manager and working across Pleisure's estate.

Her sound knowledge of the extensive gin range on offer and her passion for introducing customers to new products have inspired the rest of the staff.

The Office makes the most of its ISP with A-boards promoting its range of more than 40 gins and a prominent display of its spirits lists, and chalkboards highlighting its cocktails and gin cups. The graphic design skills of one member of the team have also been utilised to the full with a timeline of the history of gin relayed across the walls of the pub.

During the past year, there has been a push on premium products, with customers enticed to upgrade to a more exotic gin and matched tonics. Regular tasting sessions have been hosted at the pub at which suppliers introduce customers and staff to new ranges. The pub has also developed a good relationship with a nearby specialist off-licence, where customers are recommended new gins to try at the Office. Another innovation has seen a link up with a local artisan baker to offer gin and tonic cakes in the pub.

With a roster of live music and quiz events and a popular following for its Thai food, there is plenty on offer at the Office to attract new customers and give reasons for regulars to return.

But there is no question that its reputation as Brighton's top gin palace is the secret to its success.

(Source: The Great British Pub Awards 2014 - The Morning Advertiser)​