​​​The March Hare

Sneinton, Nottingham

For some, being a publican is not just a job but also a way of life. Margaret Dove has been in the trade for over 55 years.

Margaret was just 18 years old when she and her late husband, George took on the pub, a new build in 1958. It has since become a real family affair, with both her son and daughter taking roles within the business, having shared the running of the pub with their father before he died in 2007.

The March Hare has always been popular with the local community. It quickly earned a reputation for playing live music, featuring the likes of Alvin Stardust and Engelbert Humperdinck. They even came very close to booking The Beatles as Margaret explains "This was before they were famous. There were five of them and they wanted a fiver each, with an overnight stay, because they were travelling from Liverpool. But my husband George wouldn't pay them.  He became known as the landlord that turned down the Beatles.
Margaret fondly remembers the 1960's and 1970's. She said " We had groups and singers and parties and late nights. We were part of the swinging sixties".

As a true community pub, Margaret and her team have held numerous charity events over the years, raising thousands of pounds for good causes, including Kidney Research UK and Children with Leukemia.

Service is always delivered with a smile, and even though Margaret has adapted to changes in the industry, such as introducing a smoking area and offering a value food menu, she remains a traditionalist with a keen sense of community spirit.

When asked for her take on working in the pub industry for so many years, Margaret merely comments that being a publican is just "a way of life'.​​

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