Sales Through Service

​Ensuring your team are enthusiastic about delivering consistent and continually improving customer experiences

​Included on the course

In the age of transparent online feedback and the socially empowered customer, reputation matters more than anything. Unless all your team are aligned and enthusiastic about delivering consistent and continually improving customer experiences, you will find it harder and harder to compete.

Just ‘training’ and ‘telling’ a team to deliver ‘great service’ will never work: publicans need powerful and easy to use systems of invigoration, empowerment and continual excellence.


Free for our publicans and their staff

Pricing Structure

These courses are free of charge to publicans and their members of staff. However, please note that cancelling a course without sufficient notice will incur a cancellation fee:

  • Over 15 days' notice = No charge
  • Between 8 – 15 days = £50 + VAT
  • Less than 8 days' notice = £100 + VAT
  • Failure to attend = £250 + VAT

Course duration

1 day​



Course Duration

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