​ Partnership Tenancy Plus agreement 

The Partnership Tenancy Plus agreement has a number of attractive features

  • No repairs and up to £1,000 annually to maintain your pub
  • Fully decorated throughout
  • We will match investment £1 for £1*
  • Free of tie on Wines and Spirits
  • Annual rent adjustment linked to RPI capped at 2%

What are the benefits for you?
Maintaining high standards - We'll cover the repairs and help you with maintenance costs so you can focus on running your business.

A pub you're proud of - We'll help to get your pub looking the part so you can focus on doing what you love - running a great pub.
Investment partnership - We will match your investment to deliver a great retail proposition for your customers.*
More choice - Create a bespoke portfolio of wines and spirits for your customers, as you know them best.
Peace of mind - We've capped RPI on rent, to give you the financial certainty that it will not increase more than 2%.
Qualifying for the Partnership Tenancy Plus
The Partnership Tenancy Plus agreement is available on a select number of pub business opportunities. In order to qualify for our Partnership Tenancy Plus agreement we require you to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Full deposit
  • Direct Debit set-up
  • Online ordering
  • Building Your Business training course
  • Purchase/ownership of ingoing Fixtures & Fittings
  • Open book accounting